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What exactly are wall stickers?

Wall stickers transform your walls in seconds without the need to wallpaper or paint! Our high quality and durable stickers have been certified by the REACH Regulation which are designed to last for years and can be removed quickly and easily without damaging your walls. We have a wide range available for children's bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or any other place in your home!

What are wall stickers made of?

Our stickers are made of durable, adhesive vinyl sheets with a matte finish, unlike some widely available low quality and cost paper stickers which can damage your walls.

On which surfaces can I place my sticker? My wall’s texture is slightly rough…

No problem! Our stickers can be placed on slightly rough walls! Also we suggest applying the stickers after 3 weeks to newly painted walls.

Surfaces YOU CAN place your wall sticker:

Surfaces YOU CAN'T place your wall sticker:

How long will my wall sticker last?

Our material’s supplier quarantees 5 years, however, our wall stickers may last even longer if not exposed to sunshine and/or rain. We also suggest that you apply the stickers within the first 15 days of purchase, this will ensure maximum durability.

Can I remove my wall sticker without damaging my wall’s paint?

After proper application, no problem should occur, even after several years of use. The wall sticker can be removed easily with a hairdryer on low heat.

How can I clean my wall sticker?

Our stickers can be cleaned easily with a slightly damp cloth.

Will my wall stickers leave any residue after removing them?

Our wall stickers are made with a special removable glue of light consistency which will never transfer it’s residues to any surface.

Are the wall stickers double-sided? Can I place them on windows or glass?

Our wall stickers (single colour cut design) are entirely made of vinyl, so double-sided (front and back the same colour). You can place them on a transparent surface and admire them from both sides! 

Are the e-shop’s designs, colours and sizes the only available choices?

Of course not, new designs are added daily! All items are produced by us, so you can choose the size, colour and design you wish! We can also produce products with a picture or snapshot of your choice!


What are the canvas prints made of?

  • Our canvases are high quality, suitable for eco digital printing, 100% cotton and long-living for interior spaces! 
  • Water based, odorless, eco-friendly prints that do not tear or scratch easily!
  • Stretched on natural wooden frames. For us at Dec0 the use of FSC certified wood is very important. By using FSC wood, we are helping to promote responsible forest management and protect forest animals.

Every canvas print that we produce is framed by hand in our workshop. Each canvas frame is laminated pine FSC certified wood which does not deform, so the canvas can be fitted perfectly. We provide many ready dimensions but canvas prints can also be produced according to your desired size!

How do we ensure the quality of every single Canvas print produced?

The whole process of construction from design, to print, to framing including the packaging is from our own production, which allows us to have full control of all stages of manufacture and guarantees that you will receive your order in perfect condition! Therefore, we are able to exclude outsourcing delays in construction, material imperfections and of course additional costs.

How many dimensions are available?

Our canvas prints, as well as every Dec0 product is made exclusively by us! That means that we can produce your custom canvas print in any desired dimension, beginning from 30cm x 30cm up to 200cm x 140cm!

Can I create my own canvas print from my photos or artworks?

Of course you can! We can create canvas prints from your very special wedding day, to pictures of your children, holiday photos or even a masterpiece that you might have created. The choice is yours on how you want to decorate your home. If you have photos that are already printed then all you need to do is scan them in and email them at design@dec0.co.uk and we'll do the rest.

Where can I find more designs to choose from?

As well as providing custom canvas prints, we also collaborate with www.shutterstock.com, an online gallery with millions of print options ranging from photos of foods, buildings, black and white drawings, paintings of scenes etc! You can type in the keyword and have a targeted search through a huuuge variety, all in perfectly high resolution! Afterwards you can send us the image id and desired dimensions by email to design@dec0.co.uk. We will first prepare a draft of your inquiry and inform you about the cost! After your confirmation we will do our magic! 

How can I send my photo and what resolution is required?

You can send your photos via email to our design team at design@dec0.co.uk! The resolution of your photo will determine which canvas size you can choose and our design team will inform you about the ideal size for your resolution! 

Can you process or edit my photo?

Our design team can edit every image in any way you can imagine! If you wish to correct some flaws, adjust the colours, write your own message, add / remove / emphasize a section or even create something that you imagine from scratch, please let us know!

Are there any extra costs for creating a custom canvas print?

The cost depends on the editing time needed and can vary from case to case.


I live outside of the UK. Do you accept orders from the rest of the european countries?

Of course! We send our products cooparating with UPS Courier to all the European Union countries, making more Dec0-friends happy with their choices!


I am an artist (painter/photographer/graphic designer), can I promote my work through your website?

Of course! It will be our pleasure to colaborate with you! You can send us a sample of your artwork and we can promote copies of them around the UK and the rest of Europe. For extra information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at contact@dec0.co.uk

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